Note to My Readers

This coming week there will be no new posts. Sad face I know 😦 But why you ask? Because I will be trekking through the Indigenous Peoples Trail in Nepal.

This is the part of our four month tour of Asia that my travel friend and I have been the most excited for and it’s finally here! Yay!

We picked the IP Trail for three reasons:

  1. We are not currently in the physical condition necessary to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. The IP Trail is an easy to moderate trail, at least in regard to physical capability.
  2. Since the Earthquake hit Nepal in 2015 the infrastructure needed to house and provide for themselves, let alone tourists, has drastically been reduced or completely obliterated. The IP Trail itself has been reduced to 1-3 tourists per month (in the peak tourism season), so we decided to put our money where locals need it the most.
  3. We want as close to an authentic experience as we can get, and the IP Trail is one of the few areas of Nepal that you can still get that. Treks like Everest BC and Poon Hill have become so popular that it’s overrun with tourists.

I’m expecting to learn a lot from this trek. We will not be taking a guide, so it is entirely up to us to make our way through the Ramechhap District of Nepal. We have stayed at exactly two homestays during our trip and we learned the most about the local people at those homestays. We will only be staying at homestays during our 8-10 day trek on the IP Trail. There are no menus or caramel lattes, hot showers or porcelain toilets, no signs in English directing us to the correct trail. This is going to challenge us in ways we haven’t been challenged yet but I’m excited to learn more about myself and more about the ways people live halfway across the world.

The Indigenous Peoples Trail marks the pinnacle of our adventures in Asia and I can’t wait!

Wish us luck 🙂

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Elevation 9,730 – Mauna Kea Observatories – Hilo, Hawaii
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4 thoughts on “Note to My Readers

  1. An amazing adventure certainly! Be safe ,stay alert, take a gazillion pictures and keep smiling. We’ll be looking forward to your return.


    1. Haha I most definitely will, thanks!

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  2. Enjoy the adventure! Can’t wait to hear about it.


  3. Hi Morgan, it sounds as though it will be an amazing trip. Have a wonderful time and a safe journey, Lxx


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